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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  August 15, 2012 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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what reactions he got? that is a hard breaker. >> he was a key hitter batting 346 and spawned the group out at every game, quite a fen nom nochblt he's going to miss the final 45 and and the giants organization said we're extremely disappointed and fully support policy and its efforts to eliminate performance-enhacing drugs from our game. coming up tonight at 5:00 and at 6:00 we'll be live at at and t park to the suspense from fans as well as from giants. >> and starting today nearly two million undocumented immigrants who came to the u.s. as children can apply for right to stay, and work in the united states. there were long lines from illinois to texas to california. thousands waited at work shops to learn how to apply for this program.
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and a similar scene in the bay area. we're live with a look at what happened today. >> this is estimated 50,000 people are eligible for the program. and immigration is now bracing for an onslaught of applications in oakland, applicants crowded in, and congress woman barbara lee telling them this is an important day. >> the day we've been waiting for for a long time. >> and she says her hope is that this will be the first step towards immigration reform. >> this is an influx of new talent, ideas and new people. who have so much to offer and share with their new homes. >> in the front row is 18-year-old lilamolina who
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just graduated high school ik drive without fear of oh, my gosh they're going to pull me over. i might end up in ice or something. you know? >> she tells me she was three when her mom carried her across the rio grand river. >> i got really lucky with my parents. >> the teenager has her sights set on law school and a career helping other immigrants. and getting legal status mean that's is more possible. >> it's just a big deal. >> today other applicants waited in line for documents like pass ports that will show they came in before their 15th birthday. they must be between ages 15-30 in, high sool or with a diploma and a clean record. they can be eligible for up to two year work permit and exemption from being deported. and jim freeman says he doesn't want to kick anyone out but he does not feel it's
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right undocumented young people can get wrk permits when many legal residents are out, looking for jobs. >> what the bochl decided to do was put a million people in line in front of people who might be looking for jobs. >> he says the policy is unfair to those who have waited in line to legally come into the united states. coming up at 6:00 we're collecting big lines in the bay area and why officials are telling me that applicants that show up will be turned away if they come in person. >> thank you very much to. find out if you're eligible we have a link to the services on abc 7 and there are some great, easy to follow guidelines to see if you qualify. >> four million baby bumbo seats are being recalled today after children were getting
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hurt. >> michael finney start that had investigation years ago and here is to explain why this may not be enough. >> there is a lot going on here and there was a recall after a original investigation. now, a second voluntary recall. check out you tube. you'll find plenty of videos. many featuring cute kids and happy parents. >> there is a bumbo. too dangerous and risky. >> not all parents under love with the seat. >> she arched and tumbled over. >> heidi was not badly hurt but other kids have been injured. skb in 2007, bumbo recalled chairs, changed the packaging and warnings, making warnings more prominent.
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and since then, the consumer products safety commission says there have been more incidents. 85 in all of babies falling out of the bumbos and 21 reported skull fractures. now, another three million seats are being recalled. >> bumbo has been working to ensure the product it offers is the safe as it can be. >> parents with the seats can get this belt sent to them and there is a video showing parents how to make the installation. and this company is reminding paernts never to put babies on bumbos on count year tops. in the letter we called them to take it off the shelfs and didn't get that. and what we see now is fixes put into place. >> and we'll continue looking
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into this and have resources including that video available for parents on abc 7 and i misstated numbers. they were high yes, it was 108 incidents altogether when you do pre2007 numbers and the current numbers and a 24 skull fractures. >> oh, man. thank you. >> sure. >> there are state officials investigating the death of a newborn in march. the coroner turn that had case over to the state because marin general declined to provide documents without a subpoena. a nurse administered a labor inducing drug without doctor auj skpaigs a fetal monitor was removed 45 minutes before the baby was delivered. the spokesperson did say tragic events do happen. >> and a headache for
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computers today. two lanes of traffic closed after a crane smashed into a pedestrian overpass this, occurred around 8:30 a.m. the chp says that this truck was traveling eastbound when it hit the overpass. and lanes were shut down as crews tested for skpaift made repairs, one lane opened just in time for the afternoon commute. and there are officials to reopen another around 5:00. >> people living near the fire along the county lines are back in their homes this afternoon. allowing residents of a hot springs area to go back home, they also reopened highway 20 this afternoon. the fire now includes walker fire as well, broke out on sunday and now 70% contained. and two homes and one outbuilding have been
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destroyed. >> mandatory evacuations still if place, crews try to get control of a buck fire burning in riverside county. the wildfire burned more tha than,000 acres and 50 structures remain threatened. the fire is only 15% contained. >> winds are a major factor. let's check on the forecast now. >> there is spencer christian here. >> here is what is going on today, sunny skies and mild to warm. and it will be mild to warm in many locations tonight. clear skies into early evening hours, fog at the coast that will start to push across the bay during overnight hours in, the morning we'll see sunny skies with patches of fog, lows ranging from 52 degrees to 63. then, tomorrow, mild to warm across the bay area. there are sunny skies and some coastal fog will linger,
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mid-90s inland. end of the week bringing changes to the pattern, we'll take a look at that that in the accu-weather forecast in just a few minutes. >> thank you. >> still ahead, how your blood type could play a role in determining your risk of having a heart attack. >> a type of chocolate with half of the fat. >> yeah. >> invention by a researcher. >> and taking a look outside, oh, that is a rough commute. everybody going to have to be patient tonight. slow and go heading towards the bay bridge, not so bad going southbound. but you know we'll keep an eye on it for you. we'll be right
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checking healthy living news data suggests blood types could play a role whether you develop heart disease. a researcher looked at 90,000 people and two decade study. after adjusting for diet and other factors it showed participants with type o blood have a lower risk of developing heart disease. ab blood seemed to have a higher risk. researchers say having negative or positive blood zrnt a affect on the risk autos and imagine chocolate with all of the taste, half of the fat. researchers say they've discovered a formula cutting fat in half, and they used a little bit of juice to replace some of the milk. they say it distaste fruity but just as good as chocolate made traditional way. in the future they say they
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can use water with a small amount of vitamin c. >> pinterest is making a big play in mobile. let's talk about those cisco earnings. we are live with today's after the bell report. >> john chambers turn around expert are working. shares of the world's biggest networker have been up about 5% in after hours this, is after reporting revenue came in at $11.7 billion up 4% year over year, beating estimates despite demand for networking qipt slowing down and competition heating up cisco cut prices to reverse losses and cut 7800 jobs over the last year. and all of that has kept costs down and let's talk about facebook. some free ipo investors will
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be able to sell stock and there are 271 million shares will come as a result. there is a new service to include new ads on news feeds, if they haven't actually liked the product. until now, the ads have only been displayed to right of the news feed and not on mobile devices. google wallet and qair square, pay pal, watch out. several big retailers announced they're working on a payments network. they're hoping to get a piece of the mobile payment market which, according to juniper research could reach $1.3 trillion by 2017. and bloomberg learned disnetwork is going to introduce a broad band service. it can support down load
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speeds of 15 megabits per second. and with satellite can handle about two million new internet customers, stocks ended the day little changed as-to-see if the reserve would enact more stimulus to boost the economy. the bloomberg silicon valley index closed higher and shares helping to pull the index up. and pinterest made a big play in mobile yesterday. the company just released apps for ipad and android and updated it's iphone app at once. pinterest unveiled the app last night in a party coming less than a week after they dropped it's invite only policy, opening membership up to the public. at bloomberg studios, larry, back to you. >> thank you.
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>> and let's take a look outside. spencer christian is here. >> things looking good outside. there is a typical pattern this, will be with us for a while there. is a live view from our camera. looking south ward, there is our fog at the coast. this doesn't push very far inland from the coast, not yet. it probably will as we continue to give you a better view. and there is fog pushing through the golden gate. there is fog pushing through the golden gate and readings are mild to warm but not hot. it's 88 degrees now in fairfield and antioch. 82 in concord and there are other readings into 60s and 70s, fog pushing across the bay. sunny skies tomorrow, warm inland. then, partly cloudy skies this weekend with a change in the
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pattern. overnight looking for fog pushing across the bay. low temperatures into mid to upper 50s and about 63 in antioch. there is an upper level low pressure system continuing to pull away from the coastline. and this is circulation bringing up extra clouds and moisture from the south from remnants of what was tropical storm hector. that could possibly produce a sprinkle or two. but very slight chance of that. starting our forecast at 5:00 we'll see fog near the coast and bay. burning back to the coastline and end up with a very typical and sort of average mid summer day. sunny skies from parts of the coast. temperatures near average raempk. low 60s at the coast. 80s to 90s inland. take a look at the south bay.
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highs into low to mid-80s, 82 in san jose. highs into mid 70s to around 80 degrees. downtown san francisco there is a high of 66 tomorrow. there are north bay highs, warm, 90s farther north and upper 70s around union city. inland east bay, highs into low to mid-90s. here is the accu-weather forecast. we'll see temperatures beginning to come down a few degrees gradually friday into saturday. partly cloudy skies over the weekend at least the first part of the weekend. then there is a cooler pattern sunday, monday, tuesday, starting to warm up again mid week next week. slight chance of sprinkles friday into saturday. and just a slight chance. >> thank you. >> and coming up, actor robert pattinson sinking his teeth into the big apple what. he's saying about his fans today. >> and coming up on abc 7 news
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at 5:00 the cosmetic industry giant promising to remove dangerous chemicals from baby products and beyond. >> checking traffic at the golden gate bridge. it's slow going heading into the city. better for those folks heading into marin county. you can see fog that spencer is talking about that is hovering over the golden gate bridge. stay with us. abc 7 news continues in just a
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fans going wild to celebrate robert pattinson to celebrate teachers. >> promoting his new movie he dodged questions about his break up with kristin stewart, turning atension to his fans. >> they seem pretty excited about whatever! so that is everything coming out of my mouth is irrelevant it opens on friday. >> and back in l.a. fans were a buzz at the premier of the comedy "hit and run". actor bradley cooper tells otrc it was hard to work with co-star and real life couple autos a nightmare. yeah. they don't talk to each other,
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this is all fake. yeah. i never saw them together. yeah. and if you can tell he's not looking at her and talking to her. yeah. >> and across the street education on the minds of stars at this year's teachers rock benefit concert, garth brooks is one of the star that's took the stage to celebrate teachers. >> i just got my mba and there are professor there's that change mid life fomplt i love the learn prog ses. i think teachers are angels down here among us. >> there are proceeds benefiting donors >> and find out why kristin stewart may not return in a snow white sequel. and i'm rachel smith in los angeles. >> more is ahead on abc 7 news at 4:00 including accusations police are under reporting arests of minorities.
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activists say it may raise questions about racial profiling and an occupy rally in san francisco. what pro testors are upset about. >> running for president in the digital age. a study reveal chz candidates can
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san francisco police department antiquated computer system is being blamed for under reporting asian and hispanic arrests for years. and california watch reports it has resulted in false statistics. vic lee is in the newsroom with the story. vic? >> the state department of justice has been tracking arests by race for the past 13 years. now, the city's law enforcement agencies are required to sent stats to the state. san francisco has been sending stats in but they weren't what they should have been. each time police make an arrest they file a report with information including race of the suspect. and when looked the -- booked they record race that. information is entered into the court management system. a computer program that is shared by law enforcement agencies and the courts.
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the data then sent to the state department of justice which publishes the information. unfortunately the court management system is 30 years old, only capable of pefsh yompling certain functions. >> that system is from 1972. it is the system we use to run individuals if you're wanted or a missing person. >> the system skews data, listing arrestees only as white, including hispanics, black and other which includes asians. so as an example in, 2010 in san francisco, about 8,000 african americans were arrested. and 9,000 whites were arrested and 2700 others. and this 316 hispanic as rested in san francisco by outside police agencies. result, the justice department has no accurate count of the number of hispanics or asians
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san francisco police arrested. the supervisor says there is no way of knowing if they've been racially profiled. that is why police departments need to compile this data so when people want to know how the police are doing, you can, you know point to information and data collected to show that. >> and in the past the city office sent information to the justice department but last year, the sheriff's office became the agency that forwards the data. >> thank you. >> three women say they were possibly drugged and then sexual assaulted at the outside lands music festival. and investigators are waiting on results from tests but don't think the cases are connected saying the description koz not match and
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they have a different location. one assault reported near the windmill display z police say alcohol and drugs were involved in the cases. >> this is important to realize someone is intoxicated they cannot give consent to the sexual encounter that took place. so this is a crime. >> police asking anyone with information to please give them a call. >> city college is the site of an occupy rally today. as the threat looms that the school may be forced to shut down. >> students rushed to class on the first day of fall semester. a former student worries. >> lts lots of students don't know what's happening. they know that they're feeling
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affects but don't know why. >> so they reached out to students today to let them know that the community college might lose its accreditation. >> to say you're going to take this education away from people for something that they didn't do, that is wrong to me. >> the commission found city college is spending too much money, calling for cuts in order for the college to keep it's accreditation. ryan smith blames sacramento for the problem. >> this school is losing money because of cuts. which this school has no control over. >> if you look at the cuts and changes that the board is demanding this will require massive cuts to classes and a roll back in offerings. >> but city college would likely shut down. >> this is when you come here
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and then, it's not accredited. you know? and this is you just wasting your time. >> city college officials have said they'll do what it takes to keep it open. they have until october 15th toj come up with a plan. >> one dominant issue is the race for medicare. the rhetoric on the campaign trail is getting heated. >> first lady michelle obama by his side. >> i am just as happy to be back in iowa. where this began. >> polls show obama and mitt romney are neck and neck in this state. the president is hoping for another miracle. >> we've got unfinished business to do. >> he tried to fire up the
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crowd by attacking romney. >> my plan reduces fraud by medicare, their plan makes seniors pay more to give another tax cut. >> medicare on mitt romney's mind. he headed to north carolina to fund raise. he told abc s this morning it would rurt recipients. >> the president said medicare was on the path way to become bankrupt. he's taking $716 billin to 6 finance obama care. >> skm there is a new ad on the web. >> what do you call $700 billion in cuts to medicare? the obama campaign calls this an achievement. >> romney said he would
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restore cuts though they are supported by both his running mate and the president. >> there is a study that find the campaign is more connected and during a period in june tweeted an average of 29 times per day. which means they're 10 behind cheryl on a daily basis analysis found the campaign posted nearly four times as much across all online platt forms. >> so i can stop now? >> no. no. keep going. >> and still head how much of your privacy would you get up to save money? software offers you personal deals by scanning your face. >> work going on in yosemite to help keep bears from breaking into cars. >> i'm spencer christian. there is a look at the marine
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layer stacking up at the coast. will it have a cooling affect in the weather? >> taking a look at the commute this, is the approach and only people waiting in line are folks paying in cash. there are folks s
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we have breaking news in
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danville. 2900 people are with out power there right now. pg&e says it's working to restore the power. and speaking of power, satisfaction as last for a woman complaining for years her power bills were too high. connecticut light and power agreed to pay $10,500 after acknowledging it billed her for ta years for electricity used to power street lights near her home. the company says the previous homeowner agreed to pay but those charges kept coming after edwards bought the home in 1987. the company refused to reimburse her but they relented when the state consumer agency had to get involved. >> privacy advocates taking issue with a new facial recognition camera that tracks your shopping habits in exchange for discounts. ate lous the technology to match your image taken in a business. a offer from that store would
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be then sent to your mobile device. and users have to sign up for it first on face become. >> people need to know how much of their personal information is being made available. it's not simply identities on facebook, it would be their network of friends would be their likes and interests. a lot of that information would become available. i don't think people would agree to that. >> the marketing perm says it won't pull all of the data from the page and face book is not affected to face deal autos a bear of a problem in yosemite. officials say incidents between bears and people inside of the park are down 90% since 1998. officials attribute this ton an outreach campaign stressing proper food storage and removing nonnative food
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sources from yosemite valley. and they were picking apples from two orchards from curry village. >> spencer chis chin is here now with accuweather update. >> getting cooler. and it's warming up in some spots across the nation especially in the ma pif -- pacific northwest. high temperatures up to 100 degrees in portland. 99 in dallas and numerous 90s into the southeast. now interior parts of the state of california up to 100 degrees. 107 down in palm springs, things did cool down we're going to warm up tomorrow, we'll have a summer spread to 95 inland east bay. so there is a 36 degree spread tomorrow, high temperatures coast to inland z here is a
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look at other highs for tomorrow, 93 in clover dale. 91 in concord. 94 in antioch and livermore. 94 in fairfield. 92 in morgan hill. there is 66 in san francisco. 61 in half moon bay. so there is a mild day with our mid summer range of temperatures and where ils will give you such a wide range of weather? >> a lot of people want to be to be there. >> still head, honoring veterans. >> san francisco rally being trance formed to honor soldiers from america's war was help of veterans. >> and new details about the break in at the home of the late steve jobs and how a burglar got in, personal items and how investigators say he got busted using apple technology.
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organizer of a mural project finished painting names of 4800 american who's died in iraq. it's just part of an effort to honor all veterans in a unique
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way and place this, is shannon alley. it's pretty gritty. a number of people are now starting to walk through it because they want to take a look at these murals honoring america veterans. this was once known as crack alley ai. place of drugs and prostitutes. now this stretch in the tender loin is being trance formed into vet value aly. murals on the walls honor soldiers from wars. >> this is provided dealing with veterans to be able to tell their stories and put their stories ochb a wall and move on with their lives. >> amos gregory is a veteran from the persian gulf war, starting this project 10 months ago. >> maria served during the
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vietnam war, processing troops her mural pays tribute to puerto rican soldier autos most of them have never been the same again. >> this covers several buildings but there is plenty of space lift. the owner was the first to give permission for art to go on his walls. >> is there a clean up a little bit? >> yes. they did a good job. >> san francisco chamber of commerce is providing financial support. the organization president is a vietnam vet. >> we want to acknowledge veteran who's paid deerly for our country. >> this is important ask a vivid hist rye organizers say it's important who is telling this story.
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>> when you look at art of war, it's usually not done by a veteran. so what we have here is an opportunity from those that have experienced it. >> and you can see gregory is painting and working on a mural, recruiting veterans and donations. there is a link to his project on our web site. live in san francisco, abc 7 news. >> and there is the date, september 10th. >> you're getting quite into the spirit of this. >> and that is a chance to talk about what she has planned on the show. there is a tour of the set. >> i mentioned i was going to give you a chance to meet our director, we're lucky to have
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a pro like joe. i like saying that because it rhymes. this week, we have been back in the studio and joe joined me fr a tour. we thought we'd like to take a look. so let's check it out. >> hi, everybody, i'm with joe terry. we're going to show you around the set of "katie". >> there is a design with camels in a camel well. i found is that this camera is in the back bringing the audience forward. it would work just as well. >> this is very close. you can see all sorts of things so it's nice because i feel like i'm talking to folks and i open there is a connection with the audience. and there are different social
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media outlets. and see you later, george. >> what are these? >> back drop autos yes. yes. >> there is this to give a different deal. we want to it feel like a disco. and thank you. >> key thing for us is to create an intimate space. and there is where you saw how close they are. very to use mouth wash every importanting. >> there is that tony guy reaching out to get a feel. you and i bonded over satellite.
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i'm just not going to allow tony -- who is tony? what does he do? >> he's one of my producers in a really good friend. you don't have to worry about tony and i getting involved larry. don't worry about that. you're a little jealous? what is going on here? do i need to call security? >> i am security trying to protect you from your staff. you got the great studio that. is gorgeous there. if tony is going to see this, he knows. don't step out of line, tony i'll come for you. and if this today show you had the crowd outside and what is it like being in front of a live audience? as you showed they're on top of you there. >> and this is kind of weird fchl you're used to speaking into a camera lens to speak in front of 144 people, you get a lot of energy and enthusiasm and reaction and so it's really making it fun.
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but during the breaks i'm just standing there waiting to go again. i feel awkward and like i should be performing magic tricks or telling jokes. then, i decided to just do what david letterman does. he ignores audience and his guests. so maybe that is just the way to go. what do you think? >> and you've been a guest on david letterman. how about a band or music? pump it snup. >> we do have music going on during commercials but i don't know if i'm supposed to like, you know, what am i supposed to do? >> you're going to be near a another couple weeks and we'll work it out. don't bring tony. i don't want to see tony. i'm going to get upset tell him to keep his hands to himself. >> i'm going to protect him from you. definitely. >> katie looking forward to seeinging you. we'll see new less than a month this, is exciting. peace out. >> bye, larry, homey!
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>> and "katie" debuts september 10th. the show will air before this newscast at 3:00 a.m. >> a lot of testosterone there, lar. well good,ness, gracious. >> moving on and thank those of you who contributed to the abc 7 sleep train foster kids dream campaign. $1 donated for every like we get on our face book page. and to like us on facebook go to abc 7 news and click on the thumbs up button. it's that easy. >> coming up details on security breech at the late steve jobs house. how a robber broke into the home and how jobs creations led police to him. >> facebook investors could leave the company vulnerable if they all decide to exercise a volume val y
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new details about the break in at the home of steve jobs. up to $60,000 worth of jewelry and computers were stolen but police were able to track the suspect down thanks to technology that jobs helped create. >> it's the house where one of the pioneers of our digital age lived. >> we don't have evidence to show how he was targeted. >> and the thief just found a key, unlocked the front door and walked in. and no one was home, get this. he didn't know this was steve jobs house but why would he? this is a nondescript looking building. >> that was his personality, shot knot to show off you think bill gates and his
4:57 pm
estate with six kitchens and 25 bathrooms. jobs, a private man, a family man in mark zuckerberg mode. he lived nearby and a modest five bedroom house but this area has seen an up tick in break ins. he apparently stole suitcases to haul away his booty including two tiffany necklaces and a pair of earnings worth over $60,000 a white ipad and ipod and an apple tv. those steve jobsy yais yaiss -- creations allegedly led men to their man who allegedly logged into one of the stolen iads. the 33-year-old is now under arrest and confessed. by the way jobs's wallet was taken and what is inside of
4:58 pm
the wallet? a driver's license, visa card, a titanium amechl and a single dollar bill. >> and want to remind you about our app you can down load it for free and receive headlines the second you wake up. >> there is a recall over baby seat dangers. tonight explain yg it does not go far enough. >> the brazen break in caught on camera in the east bay what. police say this evidence does to their investigation. >> there is a steady weather pattern but look for changes in the weekend. i'll have changes in the accu-weather forecast coming up. >> good evening, i'm cheryl jennings. >> i'm dan ashley.
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four bill milin baby seats under recall tonight. today's major developments on an issue you first uncovered and have been pushing this for years. >> dangers are still dangers to be found today. after the recall, bumbo put bigger warnings on the chairs and still, babies continue flipping out. 21 suffered skull fractures. the company agrees it needs to make seats safer. >> they said three minutes more he could be dead. >> the story of gillin -- dylan lamb launched our investigation he arched his back and tilted the bumbo. the back folded and he toppled over. >> surgery saved his life. however, his wasn't the only catastrophe. >> one leg out.


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